Wind Stands Fair

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Name: Wind Stands Fair
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash
Species: Garou
Tribe: Children of Gaia
Rank: Fostern


1998 –Wind Stands Fair and his twin were born in Canada, though they couldn’t tell you where exactly. Their mother, a Child of Gaia named Daisy (Anita Fouegere), raised them in a home that was filled to the brim with people. The twins had few clues as to whom was their father, but they grew up referring to one kinfolk, Boyd Willson, as their father. Eventually Boyd Willson (a man that they are fairly confident is their father) took them down south and they lost touch with Daisy.

2001 –Boyd Willson, a newly changed werewolf (former kinfolk), decided to take the twins and move to Baltimore, MD. The twins were only four years old, they lost touch with their mother from that point and have very few memories of her. Boyd served and assisted the local Caern, while the twins enjoyed their human childhood with the locals.

2004 – A battle began to brew in Baltimore and, fearing the worst, Boyd decided to flee rather than fight. Boyd took his children with him, causing him to be branded as a Coward and forcing him to become a Ronin.

2007 – Eli failed to understand Boyd’s reasoning for escaping Baltimore, Boyd’s fears of leaving the children orphaned and helpless, and rejected his father’s motives as cowardice. The last meaningful conversation that Eli had with his father was telling Boyd that he should have died that day. Ever since they were young, Eli and his brother would hear the stories of werewolves and the ongoing war against the wyrm. The children became dedicated to joining these heroic battles as soon as they could. Their early years fell into a pattern of stealing money, escaping from home to try and join the war, then being brought home by their dad. Eli tried various ways to induce the first change and has more than a few scars from his attempts. Even at a young age, they visited various notable locations, such as Tibet, Taiwan, and Burma. Eli was desperate to overcome the cowardice of their father, while his brother was just along for the ride.

2007-2011 – Momo, a Den Parent Lupus Red Talon, was an individual that Eli greatly admired. Wherever he was, the twins would try to follow. They would often sneak away from their dad to hang with Momo, and Momo would send them back with a disapproving shake of the head.


  • "The Black Spiral Dancers don't care what age you are. They destroy. Be you young or old. So why should it matter what age I am? Let me fight." - Wind Stands Fair
  • "By protecting others, you save yourselves. If you only think of yourself, you'll only destroy yourself." - Wind Stands Fair
  • "He is no more than a fool. He is no less than the most honorable man I know." - Mind the Fall


  • Trained under Jasmine “Die Another Day” Womack since he was 14.
  • Tricked someone into forcing the change in him and his brother.
  • Rumor

Wind Stands Fair

Domain: Baltimore, MD
Player/Email: Mitchell Wallace
VST: George
MES Number: US2012120019
Location: Baltimore, MD