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"Research is formalized curiosity.
It is poking and prying with a purpose."
Zora Neale Hurston

Winifred Caprice is short woman with bright copper hair and a faint Irish accent. A pair of transition lenses do little to obscure the eerie bright white of her irises. Her manner of dress is professional, leaning heavily into skirt suits and blazers. She always wears a pair of gloves; her favorite is an old pair made of smooth black leather. Winifred carries a briefcase and can often be seen jotting down notes on a clipboard.
While polite and professional, Winifred is somewhat reserved when interacting with Kindred society at large. This doesn't stop her from engaging in conversation when approached, or even from answering questions, but she is far less likely to instigate discussion on her own without a reason. In more intimate settings, however, Miss Caprice is more cordial and warm.
Known for specializing in investigative work, Winifred can be called upon to examine crime scenes and other locations of interest for evidence and information.

Known to Clan Tremere
  • Apprentice of the 6th Circle.
  • Member of the Societatis Quaesitori.


  • Some say she wears gloves to hide dangerous magical markings.
  • There are whispers that Winifred is not a researcher, she's an assassin.
  • No, she's not an assassin--she's a spy.
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Investigator. Professional. Researcher.


Sire: Celeste Beauchamp


Acknowledged in the Camarilla
Status per Name



OOC Information

Player: Cristina Brewis
MES Number: US2013020040
Location: Austin, TX
Please contact for ties.
This Wiki is for a fictional character to be played in the Mind's Eye Society Masquerade game. All resemblance to a person, real or fictional, is unintentional.

Winifred Caprice
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Cristina Brewis