Winter Sunshine

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Winter Sunshine
Notable Traits:Appearance Focus, can speak Irish Gaelic
Pack:Alley Cat Pack
Tribe:Bastet (Ceilican)
Breed:Feline (Lupus)
Pryio (Auspice):Dusk (Ragabash)
Sept:Puerto Rico
OOC Information
Player:Troy L.
Player Email:winter.sunshine
Storyteller:VST Apocalypse
Storyteller Email:mes-virtual-apoc-staff
Location:Fort Myers, FL


In her human skin, Winter appears to be a thin and athletic Caucasian American with short, sharp nails and long blonde hair with dark roots. She is heterochromatic; one eye is sky blue, the other pale yellow-brown. She takes joy in fashionable expensive clothes and staying in fashion is seen as a game that she uses to pretend to be human.

In her natural feline skin, Winter takes the form of a large Manul - a small wild cat with low, flat ears; circular pupils; and large canine teeth.


Connections and Accomplices

  • William Cottingly-Smythe - Avid reader of "Cat's Eye View" gossip column and occasional source.
  • Troyan Laskaris - Went to the Loremaster looking for information on why the Ring Tails disappeared and only recently reappeared.

Public Timeline

  • 2009 - Winter Sunshine, a young kitten, appears on the family farm, bedraggled and small.
  • 2010 - Winter meets Boomer and Leopold as rats on the farm
  • 2011 - Winter goes through her first change.
  • 2011 - Winter forms a pack with Boomer, Leopold, and Maggie, who grew up on the farm.
  • 2016 - Moved to the Puerto Rico sept.


  • Most Bastet crave old stories and magic, but not Winter. She's more interested in the rumor mill.
  • Winter has left a string of old lovers behind her that she's used to fund her expensive tastes.
  • Is actively chased by a Wolf that wants to throw her into battle using her tail to launch her.


  • "I had never seen a creature like her, until her claws were out. As anything new, it was odd, but effective in how she sliced through the enemy." - Sylvi Anker
  • "Her claws are sharp. Her mind and tongue appear to be likewise. It has yet to be seen how much trouble the combination will get her into or out of. I'm hoping for the latter, but I am watching her closely so that I may best understand my obligations in case of the former." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "I wonder how someone who smells like a cat came to be as shy about mating as humans." - Hush