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General Information

Name:Athwort, Woundseeker, Oceans Fury
Human Name:
Slew:Guardians of the Deep
Rank: In the Open Sea (3)
Tribe: Rokea
Breed: Squamus
Auspice: Brightwater
Camp: Unknown
Sept: Traveler's Respite
Sept Position: Wyrmfoe

No Compromise

Silent Sendings


Ocean's Fury "Water" "Flood" "Anger/Fury"
RedmendSharkjaws.png Sent a flock of seagulls to pester a sept alpha.
RedmendSharkjaws.png Killed a Thunderwyrm and kept its head as a trophy.
RedmendSharkjaws.png Got his name because he stares into the sun not because he seeks to wound things.
RedmendSharkjaws.png Acts about as bright as a box of unlit candles.
RedmendSharkjaws.png Nearly lost his eye to a Thunderwyrm and has a scar on his face from it.
RedmendSharkjaws.png Was struck by a bolt of lightning, a blessing from Tempest scaring his left arm.
RedmendSharkjaws.png Ate a black spiral dancer grand klaive and the black spiral dancer that went with it.
RedmendSharkjaws.png Beat a Garou unconscious with its own dismembered arm.
RedmendSharkjaws.png Ate an Elder Vampire.
RedmendSharkjaws.png Feels like a fight is only worthy if he gets a new scar.
RedmendSharkjaws.png He is more social when visiting other places than at home.
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RedmendSharkjaws.png Apex unsea, one in sea want unsea see, can one in sea see unsea?.
RedmendSharkjaws.png You people are terrifying... - Jane Doe
RedmendSharkjaws.png Avoid that one it will eat you if you piss it off, I've seen it. -Sept Totem at Traveler's Respite - Owl.
RedmendSharkjaws.png He is growing, not just through rank but understanding of the ways of Unsea. If you have something to teach, he is willing to listen or watch. He is one to gain knowledge not just through experience but lesson as well. - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
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Surface Skimming

Blood in the water.jpg


RedmendSharkjaws.png Guardians Of The Deep

Members of Slew

RedmendSharkjaws.png Kajika
RedmendSharkjaws.png Razortooth
RedmendSharkjaws.png Thyra
RedmendSharkjaws.png Dances in the Twilight Waves

Allies and Friends

RedmendSharkjaws.png Apex Razortooth
RedmendSharkjaws.png Little One
RedmendSharkjaws.png Priscilla Lamnidae
RedmendSharkjaws.png Apex Rabbit
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Darkness of the Waters

Born in 2014 in a nursery off the shores of New York.
First Change 2017.
Hunted well and was able to quickly gain ranks.
Never left the water until March 2019
Agreed to help Gaians at the Sept of Traveler's Respite in Saint John.
Aided Apex Razortooth taking Light's Keep.
Gained the Moniker Worthy during the fight.
Found Reckless by wolves at Traveler's Respite
Found to be a Paragon by Razortooth
Travels the Sea between Lights keep and Saint John
Claims Wyrmfoe at the Sept of Traveler's Respite
Left Gaian Guard and Joined Guardians of the Deep

OOC Information

Player: Frank D.
Player Email: Ungelosh@gmail.com

Storyteller: Chris Fougere
Storyteller Email: Apocalypse.hodt@gmail.com