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"Let me tell you a story. About a little girl and the Monster who lived under her bed... Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived a very hard life. And every night she would cry and cry. One day she heard a voice from under her bed. 'Child... why do you cry?' She lay in bed, terrified, but answered 'because my parents are cruel.' The voice replied 'As long as the world is dark, this room will be your sanctuary. None shall cross the threshold of your door. You shall always be safe within these four walls. This I swear to you.' And so it was that the child befriended the Monster beneath her bed. She never dared look, for the Monster warned her that he would have to leave forever. But she spoke to him, she told him her woes and her dreams, her secrets. As the girl grew older, she spoke less to the Monster, and then not at all, for she believed him to simply be a creation of her child's mind, and she was no longer a small girl, but a young woman. One day as she was preparing to leave for University, she fell under the rage filled hand of her step-father. Broken and dying, she crawled into her room as the sun set. A voice spoke from under her bed 'Child... why do you cry?' 'I'm dying' she gasped 'I don't want to die.' A figure emerged from beneath the bed, twisted and monstrous, looking down at her with sorrow in its gaze. 'I can save your life... take you far from here... but you will never be the same as you are now. Do you want to live?' The girl did not hesitate 'Yes....' "

Commonly Known Information

Nosferatu Symbol.png
Name: Wren

Notable Traits:

  • Speaks softly and slowly
  • White eyes and raised veins
  • A clear and visible disdain for those who place a high value on physical appearance and showing off wealth.

Society: Camarilla - Primogen

Clan: Nosferatu

Status: (A) Noble


Little is known about their Sire. Wren speaks of him fondly, but rarely names him and doesn't speak of any interactions before their Embrace, only that he was present and there for them while they were wading through the muddy waters of being a fledgling. Wren fell into hacking after their Embrace in the early 80s. They prefer communication from behind a screen and their Kindred life has been marked by long periods of time only communicating through coded online messages or secure lines, never seen in person, only to make a handful of appearances in public before disappearing again. In 2011 they walked away from the world again, and did not re-emerge until 2019.



  • "The Camarilla says it puts a lot of stock in Humanity. But then there's licks like her in it." - Jentry Nix
  • "Your quote here." - You

OOC Information

Player: Stephanie "Faye" Harris

Player Email: faenaria@shaw.ca

Storyteller: Greg Bullard

Storyteller Email: navstm1@gmail.com

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada