Wren Hollis

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Wren Hollis

“I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve let people fool themselves. They didn’t bother to find out who and what I was. Instead, they would invent a character for me. I wouldn’t argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn’t.”

~ Marilyn Monroe ~



Name: Wren Hollis
Clan: Nosferatu

Class: Ancilla
Position: Prince
City: New River Valley, Virginia
Sect Camarilla

Embrace Year: 1919
Lineage: Leviathan
Sire: Esteban Villa Lobos

Notable Group Associations:

And Hobbies

Favorite things
Octopusring.PNG A favor that she bestows onto those she considers allies or at very least, those she wishes to continue a relationshop with.
Tenticle ring.PNG She loves jewelry and this is one of the pieces she's never without.

OOC Contact Information
Player: Latisha L.
Player Email: US2003051560@gmail.com
ST: Sarah Helwig
ST Email: NRV.VST.Vampire@gmail.com
Location: New River Valley, Virginia

IC/OOC Letter Writing

Do you like the idea of getting physical mail? Please let me know if you would like to be part of my character's list of people she writes to. My goal is to send a few letters every month unless there is a Con or a big game that I'm able to make with her, at which point I'll happily send out more. I did a HUGE letter writing campaign after MESCon to pass out information from the event. If you are interested you can reach me either by email (US2003051560@gmail.com) or look me up on facebook. All letters are IC from my character to yours but even if we don't have ties, that's okay! Do you know how many people I met in passing that I said "oh yeah, I'll totally reach out!" when I was at MESCon? TONS. I'm happy to say we bumped into each other over the years and keep the letters in acquaintance territory.

Things that are Whispered

She is a very social Nos who uses honey, wine, and animalism to make friends. A former Silver Screen actress from Hollywood who loves old movies, jazz music and great conversation. She is a mediator and can soothe the beasts of those around her when needed with her soft words. She is a very jealous and vengeful individual.

Timeline of Noted Events

1887 Born - But she never really tells, a lady never would
1918 Became the Ghoul of Elder Esteban Villa Lobos
1919 Embraced August 28th
1925 Officially released into society
1940 Embraced her first Childe
1955 Became Seneschal of New River Valley, Virginia
2008 Became Prince of New River Valley, Virginia

Notable Traits

She tends to dress in the over the top fashions of the roaring 20’s. Oh, and there is the flesh crown. The curse of the Nosferatu warped her body. A crown of bone and cartilage now protrude from her head. Her yellow eyes and ever-present fangs are reminders of her blood.

Even though her body is deformed it doesn’t seem to have hampered her opinion of herself. She adorns herself with jewels made by the best Kindred jewelers and only wraps herself in the most luxurious clothing that can be made by the best clothiers.

Ties That Bind

Mediator If you were ever in need of someone to help smooth over issues, she could have been your girl.

Altruism Did you need help? Who doesn't love helping out someone who could be useful in the future? Money? Safety? Did you need something at some point and someone was "kind" enough to help?

Loved, Lost, and Loathed




What Others Think

  • People Can Leave Quotes and Thoughts Here
  • "A suspicious mind is a healthy mind. Where this goes next is anyone's guess.." - - James Miller Harpy of Los Angeles
  • "I ran into Fraulein Hollis a number of years ago in one of my...sojourns, I think they call them... to the Southern states. She is a model of courtesy, compassion, and decorum... one other Kindred could do well to emulate." - - Stefan Hoffman
  • "I met Prince Hollis in a very unusual place for a Prince to be. She was calm and composed, stayed as long as she wished to, left when she felt it was wise, and felt no need to impose her presence or opinion where it wasn't necessary. If there were more Camarilla Princes like her, there would be more Camarilla members." - - Dottie Youngblood
  • "I asked her if she had anomalous growths other than the one on her frontal squama. She seemed to think it was a rather personal question. Sometimes I forget how important appearances can be even among the Nosferatu." - - Dr. Graves
  • "She is my favorite." - - Kenji
  • "Prince Hollis is a very prolific writer. She has mastered the craft of being witty, delightful and all the while giving off an aura of telling her ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. She is everything one would delight in her clan. I keep her calling card, the small... oh yes, business cards, in my wallet so I can remember to drop her a line. See! It is very enjoyable to exchange letters with her. A delight to be sure." --Aysel J. Scott
  • "Sometimes you must snuff out the light of a bright star so that they can see humility. In Wren's case she only became brighter after the embrace." --Esteban Villa Lobos

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