Wultur Boeman

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Character Details

Name: Wultur Boeman

Notable Traits: Mask (made of skin?) / Path of Enlightenment / Followed by a pack of vultures "Jack Crows" / Accent from the Caribbean

Society: NONE

Clan: Samedi

Domain: Richmond


Gender: male

Apparent Age: He has no skin, hard to tell

Actual Age: See above

Height: 6'2" ish

Hair: Dread locks

Eyes: Hidden behind a mask

Build: Menacing

Public Information


  • Death itself tithes Wultur for year's of exemplary service.
  • The vultures that follow him are more of a warning to others, than a curse upon himself.
  • You do not want to come to his poker game.
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  • "We share an uncommon understanding of one another, Wultur and I, and I find his necrotic physiognomy particularly fascinating. Moreover he is a useful partner who brings home the most interesting things. He chides me at times for being 'fettered' to the Camarilla, so it seems only fair that I chide him for his zeal; for we must be more than murderers, and every life we take deserves the respect of careful study and contemplation." -- Dr. Graves
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Friends, allies, and others



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Play list

OOC Information

Player: Carl E.

MES number: US2002022393

Story Teller: [mailto: housedivideddst@gmail.com ]


Location: OOC Richmond, Va