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Name: Emma Einarsson

Deed Name: Wyld Fury

Rank: Adren

Title: Council of Auspices - Wyrmfoe to the Sept of the Shifting Sands

Renown: Glory, Honor

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ahroun

Sept: Sept of the Shifting Sands

Pack: Wyld Nights

Description: Large, red-headed, Nordic woman dressed in Black AC/DC T-Shirt and Flannel. She normally has a drink in her hand.

Battle Scars: None

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1977: – Born in Olympia WA on June 11th, 1977.

1992: – First Change.

1992: – Falls in love with Hank, has first child, Lilly.

1995: – Has second child with Hank, Bjorn.

2000: – Stays in Olympia raising her children.

2014: – Joins Sept of the Shifting Sands, following her first born now known as Little Tiger.

2017: - Becomes Wyrmfoe for Sept of the Shifting Sands.

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Wyld Fury

Tribe: Get of Fenris
Sept: Sept of the Shifting Sands
Pack: Wyld Nights
Domain: Tri-Cities, WA
Player: Tiffany Whitelatch

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