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" With sense, reason, and spirit I discern The act, and take measure and reckoning and thus comprehend that force, mass, and number which transcends all that is lowest, middle or highest. Blind error, greedy time, adverse fortune, deaf envy, vile rage, hostile zeal, cruel hearts, perverse spirits, bizarre passions will not suffice to obscure the air before me, nor place the veil before my eyes, nor ever stop me from beholding my beautiful sun." G Bruno

Character Information
Path: Acanthus
Order: Guardians of the Veil •••••
City: Auckland Mage
Cabal: Observatory of the broken eyes
Consilium: The Compact ••••
Player: Greg S
Storyteller: David M

Commonly Known Information


  • Aparent Age: ~22
  • POB: Near the Huh Nuur region of Mongolia

Notable Traits:

  • Never seen without his silver Mask
  • Tends to wear traditional Mongolian clothing and armor
  • surprisingly tall and bulky for his apparent age and ancestry

Known History

  • Earliest confirmed reports indicating someone fitting his description are from 1817 in Mongolia.
  • there is evidence he was born to the Buryats tribe during a migration close to the Huh Nuur region
  • In 1865 an incident report from the Mysterium indicated a mage going by Wyllt and a Cabal of Mages known locally as the Observatory of Borken Eyes
  • in 1867 the cabal was again named as informants concerning the assassination of Silver Lader Higherarch
  • in 1882 a mage named Wyllt was noted to have been granted the Position of Censor Mysterica
  • in 1947 Mysterium records indicated a Spirit in the form of a Raven providing the location of several troves of lost lore, the Spirit claimed to report to Wyllt from the Observatory
  • in 2004 a report stolen from a Ministry operations center indicates that the Observatory of Borken Eyes was spotted in New Zeland
  • in 2010 investigations lead to the Discovery that the Ministry of the Panopticon had eliminated the Cabal.
  • in 2012 Following the Icarus Event a Raven was seen in the care of the Prince of Cats, the Prince indicated that it was an old companion of his
  • in 2018 The same Raven is seen in the care of Counselor Temujin One-eye


  • Power, secrets, and wisdom are a dangerous combination. I trust him in the way that two predators recognize one another, that is a great honor in and of itself. - Frostbit Wolf
  • "He's an unusual and intriguing bird." Ava Li
  • "Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.." Lady McKenzie
  • "He makes me think of the two quotes Lao Tzu "Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time,' is like saying, 'I don't want to." Albert Einstein "Time is an illusion." Lady McKenzie

Quote Here. - Name


  • Most agree that members of the Observatory ritually transfer there Shadow Name to their apprentices when they die. Either that or it was a cabal of Liches.
  • They say that the cabal had an artifact that let them see anywhere they wanted, regardless of dimension or wards, that's why the Ministry took them out. .
  • He is the Author of the original Compact.
  • He is an Archmage.
  • The bird is a decoy.
  • He's Merlin.
  • Has tea with Skollis-Ur.
  • Saga The all-seeing one
  • "Rumor here."


  • Thirst-for-Eyes.
  • The Prince of Cats.
  • Frostbit Wolf


  • "The Silent Comedy - Victory "
  • "Mumford and Sons - Broken Crown"
  • "Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand"
  • "Lee Press on and the Nails - Shadowman"
  • "Blackmores Night - The Circle"

OOC Information

Player: Greg Smedsrud US2010116954

Player Email: wylltintheshadow@gmail.com

Storyteller: David Musgrove

Storyteller Email: vst.codx@virtual.mindseyesociety.org

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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