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Pack Vow

“ Before Gaia, and Luna, We vow we will protect the sacred places of Gaia. On Land or Sea. We will keep them from harm, no matter where we roam.”



Name: Liza Payne : Deeded - "Guides the Storms"

Information: Homid, Star Gazer, Philodox, Adren

Pack Position: : Alpha


Name: LostMoon: Deeded: Eagle's Relic Hunter, Howlsjoy

Information: Lupus, Silver Fang, Ragabash, Fostern

Pack Position: : Omega

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Name: Red Fang

Information: Lupus, Red Talon, Ahroun, Adren

Pack Position: : Beta


Name: Grave Tale

Information: Homid, Silent Strider, Galliard, Fostern

Pack Position: : Historian


Name: Sora " Found Moon "

Information: Mule, Child of Gaia, Theurge, Fostern

Pack Position: : Lore Master

How We Met

LostMoon and RedFang were part of the same wolf-kin pack many years ago. He witnessed her birth, and knew her father. And when he found the rest of the pack slaughtered some time later... He found her scent and form were missing.. And set out to find her.

Liza & LostMoon met at the seed planting and became fast friends. Between fishing and hunting they have grown close, and set out together when they got a call that 3 wolves were trying to swim the channel. And went out to rescue them. And so Liza journeyed with LostMoon to rescue Redfang and his wolf kin. And brought them home.

Grave Tale came to the Sept recently and has helped the pack in many ways. He helped Liza he has helped LostMoon and seems kind and compassionate and passionate about his work for Gaia. A collector of stories. We are happy to have him to tell ours.

Pack Totem


Wyvern of the Storm Spirit of War

The serpentine, two legged Wyvern, with barbed tail and eagle's wings, is sometimes a herald of war and unrest, warning of approaching trouble. He despises the Wyrm greatly, and is not above using dirty tactics when doing battle with corruption He is a somewhat savage Totem, but well respected among some young Garou, particularly young Silver Fangs.

Ban: Though Wyvern does not require that His children gather treasure for him, they must guard what treasure and baubles they do have very carefully; though such gathering must not further the Wyrm's purposes or leave a Caern undefended.

Quotes by The Pack

Erecul: " What sort of totem do you have that you are afraid they would eat you?"

LostMoon: "Wyvern is protector of the sacred spaces. They are powerful, and very scary.. Gain their anger.... and they will remind you they are still a dragon."

Quotes About The Pack

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OOC Information

Story Teller: , Liam D

ST Staff list: [1]

VSS: Wales, UK