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Commonly Known Information

Name: Xavier

Notable Traits: Xavier has an almost unatural pale, ashen complexion.

Type: Synthetic

Union: Mercenary

Chartered Company:


Work in Progress


  • Rumor here.
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  • "Xavier is a sad illustration of the futility of synth independence. Even 'free' he's still fulfilling his programming." - Evander Katharos
  • " Xavier is man of great depth, Has fierceness but also has good heart, and Iskra hopes can help." - Iskra
  • " When the form is ready, known shall be the great entity to behold." - Fabien

OOC Information

Player: Joshua "Thunder" Herman

Player Email: gvillemagest@gmail.com

Storyteller: Kelsey Green

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-space-staff@googlegroups.com

Location: Wayfinder Station

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