Xavier Savage

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Known by the Nation

Name: Xavier Savage

Sept: Sept of Gathering Tides

Notable Traits: Kinfolk

Smells Like: Kinfolk, light cologne Wood and Plastic


Born to two kinfolk, He grew up the first child and gaining all the best.
For one year he skipped out on schooling until he returned.
He was living as a human for years worked in HR for a prominent reputable Company.
Was a victim of a Drive by and left his current area to go out of the country to avoid the reason for the drive by.

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The Thoughts of Others


  • "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that is why it's called the present." - Kung Fu Panda Master Shifu Xavier Savage
  • " Xavier-kun is an amazing person and there's more to him than meets the eyes. Ai Shiteru, ne! Xavier-kun!" - Azumi Akahoshi
  • "He was delightful to speak to and is a host worth visiting if you are ever invited." - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened


  • "Black Unicorn for President"
  • Xavier is a Brony.
  • Nothing seems to bring Xavier down.