Xelat Shakir

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IC Info

Name: Xelat 'Saladin' Shakir Bey

Notable Traits: Stoic

Clan: Banu Haqim

Caste: Warrior

Faction: Schismatic

Sect: Unaligned

OOC Info

Player: Steven Stroud

MES Number: US2005033091

Player Email: steven.stroud.sin@gmail.com

Storyteller: Sarah Haynes

Storyteller Email: nw.thunderbay.staff@gmail.com

Location: Norther Winds Domain


What's Known

What is known of Xelat is that he has been around since the formation of the Young Turk Revolution in Turkey and was partially active in the Balkans during the First Great War. Xelat, goes by Saladin among those he is closest with, mostly those of his Family such as Amira Kanaan, who is his Brood Sister. When Ur-Shulgi awoken and called for the veneration of Haqim and the following of the Path of Blood, Xelat separated with many other members of the Clan, but he never joined the Camarilla, instead remained Unaligned. He remained active in Europe and the Middle East for some time before moving to Thunder Bay, Canada to aid his Family.




  • Those who Blood Hunted his Sister



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