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  • Alternative Names: Xenos, X
  • Embrace date: 3 CE
  • Generation: 6th Generation
  • Clan: Ravnos (Brahman)
  • Sire: Bashir
  • Sect Affiliation: Unaligned (Autarkis)
  • Current Location: Washington, DC
  • ST Point of Contact:Jason Patton
  • Player Point of Contact:Jason Herman

Physical Description

Xenos has greyish skin almost as if he's covered with ash and soot. His hair is metallic grey almost silver. His eyes are solid grey. He coveres himself in very basic grey fabrics most of the time.

Brief History

Born to a greek family in eastern Punjab in 3 CE. Following the fall of the Indo-Greek King Strato III, his family was murdered during the invasion by Rajuvula. He was taken in by local artisan as a servant. He was not treated well but manage to develop a thirst for knowledge particularly about social order and society. In his early teens he killed the artisan after being offered his freedom from a rival. Later within that year Xenos killed the second artisan deciding that his freedom came at the cost of being a moral prisoner to the crime he had committed. Paradoxically by committing that same crime of his own volition he would free himself. Using the combined wealth of the two artisans he opened up a small tea shop. The tea was free but donations were accepted and the place become a small niche of philosophical debate and discussion. It slowly began to attract foreign attention as a place of freedom of speech. A great many local attempted to vandalize the shop. Eventually Bashir would begin frequenting the shop and discovering similarities between himself and Xenos selected him for embrace.

Xenos is extremely hands on when it comes to his lineage. Each direct descendant of his lineage has been chosen for their interest or expertise in major religions, political, and social movements in society. Vampires were all once mortal. It stands to reason that human history will be reflected in some ways in vampiric society. Xenos believes that embracing from certain groups with specific knowledge will give him a “living library” of experience. He has taken that a step further and adopted numerous kindred into his lineage which he now calls the Scattered Remainder. Despite most Rakshasas being individualists he understands that even that requires its own paradoxical outlook. All of his immediate blood relations are bound to him. He frequently instructs them into torpor and even impersonates them for his own devices. Each of his children are named ‘stranger’ or ‘unknown’ in their native tongue. He cares little for them aside from what he can use them for. The vampires he adopts into the lineage are seemingly more important. Perhaps because he can’t replace them on a whim? Another paradox. Regardless each adoptee has a unique quality, outlook, knowledge or means to acquire such from another. With his lineage he seeks to manipulate the Jyhad to unravel the great Truth hidden by the Lie.

Current Status

Resides in Washington, DC under the protection of the Camarilla

Known Childer


  • Timeline - Will be updated with PC Ties.
  • 28 CE - Embrace - Mathura India
  • 65 CE - Transition to Path of Paradox
  • 315 CE - Embraced Yabanci in Istanbul during the Constantinian Shift while studying the Constantine's integration of the imperial government with the church.
  • 605 CE - Embraced Al Gharib a Quranic Scholar in the Arabian Peninsula. Followed (in secret) Muhammad until he fled Mecca in 622. Stayed in Medina for years studying how multiple religions could thrive together in one area.
  • 865 CE - Travelled with Yabanci and permitted his embrace of Gael in England during the Great Heathen Army Invasion. Having travelled far north in the past few centuries and discovering and learning the ways of the Norse he travelled ahead to witness the Great Heathen army invade the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms. It was his first experience with war on a personal level.
  • 1120 CE - Travelled with Al Gharib and permitted his embrace of Ombra in Jerusalem and he followed the Knights Templar who were guarding and escorting pilgrims.
  • 1445 CE - Travelled with Gael and permitted his embrace of of Yanqui in Meso-America and learned about the Aztec, Mayan and Incan beliefs. Along with the strange practices of the Tlacique
  • 1600 CE - Returned to Colonial India with Ombra where he sanctioned the embrace of Ajanabee and began to follow and study the workings of the East India Trading Company
  • 1802 CE - Yanqui sends word of the growing United States and travels there eventually sanctioning the embrace of Wallace.
  • 1804 CE - Alex Marc clues him into the Sabbat Civil War and what their ideals are. He previously dismissed the Sabbat as less “true” Anarch Movement.
  • 1836 CE - Met Cornelia Mowebary where he learned about the Ventrue clan merit system and the intricacies of Camarilla politics. He owes her a boon with the caveat it can only be used for knowledge or basic discipline instruction, not the sharing of chimeristry. She was moving french toreador refugees to Canada. He learned of the rising Marxist presence in France from her.
  • 1848 CE - Traveled to France at the behest of Ajanabee where he sanctioned the embrace of Tayna a Marxist revolutionary spreading propaganda in secret.
  • 1970 CE - Returned to the United States to try and make sense of the Internet Boom. Wallace attempted to help, even embraced Aspen one of the last two Brahman in the line.
  • 1999 CE - During the week of Nightmares he was sheltered by Cornelia Mowebary and she risked charges of heresy to get him back to India to retrieve his Codex before returning to the States. They agree to the same caveats but he owes her a blood boon.
  • 2000 CE - Distracted by Tayna who was seeking permission to embrace Tujec a revolutionary in Ukraine during the Color Revolution
  • 2015 CE - Begins hiding a phylactery of his blood with a ghoul. That ghoul is also given access to all his Codex and knowledge with the instructions on how to replace him should he die. Periodically this ghoul is destroyed and replaced with a new one for safety reasons


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