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Clan: Serpents of the Light
Bloodline: Tlacique
City: Martinique
Pack: Mystica Belli

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  • July 21st 1983 'Xipil' was born to a White, Middle Class family. Childhood and young adult life was relatively uneventful.
  • July 23rd 2002 'Xipil' went into US Military, Air Force most specifically.
  • August 30th – September 5th 2010 'Xipil" separated from the Military and moved to Las Vegas Nevada to be closer to his parents in California.
  • Next Six years spent working while attending some classes. In community college, focus was Anthropology. Nothing overly eventful occurred, girl friends came and went, life had ups and downs, but nothing drastic.
  • October 2nd 2016 met a Hispanic woman named Zyanya. Had vehicle trouble, helped solve the issue, the pair hit it off, and exchanged numbers.
  • October 3rd 2016 'Xipil' and Zyanya met up for drinks, evolved into them sleeping together.
  • October 4th 2016 'Xipil' woke up with Zyanya gone, she left a text inviting him out to a party that night. After work 'Xipil had went out and met up with Zyanya with her ‘friends’. It evolved into a fight, then 'Xipil' being hit in the head with a Shove.
  • October 5th 2016 'Xipil' wakes up and digs his way out of the ground, people cheered and Zyanya greeted him as he crawled out, explaining to him he was given a gift and he was going to help them that night deal with a matter. If he survived, she would officially accept him as ‘hers’. 'Xipil', with about eight others like him, were taken with Zyanya’s crew to a mansion at the edge of the Las Vegas Valley. There the group laid siege to a Camarilla holding, which ended with 'Xipil' and one other person surviving out of the small group who was shovelheaded. Zyanya, at that point, claimed 'Xipil' officially as her Childe and he was given the name ‘Xipil’. It was after the siege that Xipil had met Valerie Evans , an associate of his sires.
  • October 5th 2016 – July 5th 2019, Xipil had been taught the basics of the Sabbat and details of his own clan and more so the details of the bloodline he inherited. He has been loyal to his Sire and she has treated him well, but it is time for him to leave the nest. Zyanya has given Xipil a task, to aid the Sabbat of Martinique. A few months after Xipil's embrace, he had met Alida who's sire had need of Xipil's Sire.
  • August 19th 2019 Xipil has arrived in Martinique, he quickly established a temporary place to live and the like. Now awaits a time to meet with the Bishop of the Island.



  • "Xipil... Well I can understand Zyanya sending him off. But he is good. He should be careful about who he taunts, I don't want to have to remove anyone's fangs for taking exception." - Judge Valerie Evans
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  • Some say he dances a fine line, for others, he dances in the arms of the Abyss

OOC Information

Player: Steven Stroud
MES #: US2005033091
Player Email: Steven Stroud
Discord: Stroudsb#1914
ST Email: Caroline Tazni
Location: Martinique (Virtual MES Sabbat)