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Character Information

Name: Xochitl Ocelotl
Clan: Followers of Set
Bloodline: Tlacique
Sire: Cihuacoatl
Title or Position:
Notable Traits:

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No Notable Traits widely known.

Known to Kindred Society

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Resides in San Antonio

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Has most of her lineage with her


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She favors beauty, catch her eye and she may catch your heart

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Wear a flower... watch what happens.


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Yes, I saw her. Have I met her no why? - Mad Dog Jack

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If you catch her eye, flee. There is no salvation. - Alfonso Pisanob

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From what I know of this one's beliefs, I'm better off not knowin', or being knowna by her.. Won't jive. Not at all - Liam Dunsirn, Hatchet of San Antonio

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"Jeg vet hva hun er. Jeg kjenner hennes blod. Vi har lignende fordommer.'"" - Olaf

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I walked a path that ended at an altar of sacrifice to the Goddess, and I laid down upon it willingly. - Liliana Vieira Pisanob

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"So much fun and relaxation to be had.. I never knew such wonders could be lost and found in the blink of an eyelash. Thank you for the party.'"" - Gabriel Kole

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"The Tlacique are such a unique and passionate offshoot of Set's lineage, and none moreso than the Priestess Xochitl. She has watched nations rise and fall, and her wisdom shines in her eyes. Such...experience...is a welcome delight." - Djeserit al Malik, Doyen of Houston

[Image: Bloodline_mekhet_khaibit.png|40px|left]] "Xoxhitl is like sexiness incarnated. You WISH you could be half as balla as her.'"" - Angel

OOC Information

Player: Nancy D.
Membership Number: US2015120019
Location: San Antonio, Texas
VST: San Antonio, VST

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