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El camino del Guerrero es la muerte...
The way of the warrior is death...


Status & Standing

Current standing within the Independent Alliance

*Authority as Doyen of San Deigo
*Celebrated Doyen of San Diegio
*Commander of the forces of San Diego as Doyen
*Prominent member of the Alliance in his position as Doyen

Time Line


Rumors, lies and half truths

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  • Luna Giovanni (5th gen)
    • Xolotl Pisanob(6th gen - Self)
      • Azlan Toetl - Don Angel De La Muerte (7th gen)
        • Cipactli Yaotl - Pisnob (Packy) (8th gen)
          • Marcus Pisanob - Putanesca (9th gen)
          • Lucas Pisanob (9th gen)
            • Sebastien Teotl_Pisanob (10th gen)
              • Ricardo Rodriguez Pisanob (11th gen)
              • Marina Teotl- Pisanob (11th gen)
          • Miztli ʺKittyʺ Pisanob Cuoronero (9th gen)
            • Sofia Fantasia Giovanni(10th gen)
              • Allegra Giovanni(11th gen)

      • Azlan Toetl - Don Angel De La Muerte (7th gen)
        • Mariana Sofia Veronica Toetl-Giovanni (8th)
          • Donald Rothstein (9th gen)
          • Anthony "Tony" Putanesca-Pisanob (9th gen)
            • Jimmy Putanesca (10th)
              • Daniel Webster Milliner (11th)
              • Dolly Madison Milliner (11th)
              • Samuel Adams Milliner (11th)

Character Inspirations

These are characters from various movies and books


Cl gio white.png

Cl gio white.png


Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Pisanob
Position: Doyen
Sire: Luna Giovanni
Generation 6th
Lineage: Unknown
Bloodline: N/A

OOC Information

Player: Charlie Reiser
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Contact: [mailto:]

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