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Услышишь гром и вспомнишь обо мне,

Подумаешь: она грозы желала…

Anna Akhmatova, 1961.

Publicly Known Information

Name: Yana Taisia Teplova (formerly Yana Viktorovna Teplova)
Clan: Ventrue
Lineage: Kardoș
Sire: Clara (Deceased)
Grandsire: Azar
Great-Grandsire: Irma Kardoș
GG Grandsire: Marcella of Naples
Childer: Phaedra and Marina (deceased)


Born outside of St. Petersburg sometime in the eighteenth century, Yana was always a bit of an outcast until she mastered the art of making people see what they wanted to see in her. She married a soldier who was always away at war to cover her clear preference for women and settled into being a widow when he didn't return. She was embraced by a woman about whom there was a bit of scandal into a lineage that many saw as the "black sheep" family of the Ventrue. She trained with many Elders, both within and without the Camarilla, and, by choice, spent quite a bit of time learning everything she could before she was released from her Accounting. During the nineteenth century, she sired two childer and moved frequently throughout various courts in Europe, primarily in France and Spain, though with extended forays into Eastern Europe. She speaks multiple languages as a result of her travels, though she speaks all of them with the slight lilt of a Russian accent. At the beginning of the twentieth century, she moved to America and spent time in the northeast and mid Atlantic regions, including long stints in Boston, New York, and Washington DC. She seems to have been settled primarily in Atlanta for the last twenty years or so, though she also frequently visits the DC area.

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About her Personality

Some people find it hard to believe that Yana is a Camarilla Ventrue until they see her around others of her clan. She is generally laid back and friendly, willing to make small talk or jump right into more serious debates. She usually dresses less formally than one would expect, but always with good taste. Over the centuries, she's become well known for her ability to act as liaison between the Ventrue or the Camarilla and those not of her sect or not of her clan. She's been known to calm some of the angriest disputes and to provide a reasonable and rational voice to help smooth out situations that require diplomacy. She tends to be logical and rational when she's working, but when she's not, she hates to miss a good party. She almost never shows up anywhere without a beautiful woman on her arm. Sometimes it's even the same woman multiple times in a row. Sometimes.

Rumors (or not, she'll never tell)

  • She has stolen girlfriends away from more than one elder in her time.
  • The reason she can get away with being so laid back in her clan is that she once brokered a deal with an ancient who declared her life sacrosanct.
  • Given the number of Brujah she spends time with, she might not really be a Ventrue.
  • She is a deep cover spy within the Ventrue for some dangerous and powerful Independent.
  • The reason she will only date women is because of trauma from her mortal life that she refuses to discuss.
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So they say...

  • "She is engaging. She is subtle. She carries a passion for the world and the night that I have never before seen in Clan Ventrue. Had I not encountered her before the Week, I would assume she was little more than a trick of the maya. - Jean-Louis
  • "Miss Teplova is woman of quick wit and impeccable manners... when she's of a mind to use them." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "Yana is a sweet girl, with unlimited potential. I will always stand by her side." - Mila Rurik
  • "Ms Teplova? All I can say about her is that I have it on good authority from linguists that she is the source of the two phrases 'hot mess' and 'trainwreck'." - Heinrich Rurik
  • I have no idea how to handle Yana. I think she knows that. I think she likes it. I do my best to be as difficult as possible in revenge." - Daphne Doss
  • "Yana has been far too good to me. Her passion is a miracle of control and her force of will could move cities. She is a better sire than I deserve given the evidence." - Phaedra de Chalons
  • "Where Yana treads, trouble follows. I guess it's a good thing I like trouble, then."- Genevieve Bon Vivant
  • "On the matter of Miss Teplova and my daughter Charlotte, I have no comment." - Avery Michel Latimer
  • "My grandsire is a woman of class, integrity, value, and refinement. I cannot possibly imagine what her thought was when Phaedra first brought me into the family. I just hope that I continue to do her, and Phaedra, honor in my deeds. Maybe someday I can show them just how much they mean - and what they've enabled me to do." - Simon Flint
  • "An unkindness once tore her apart, and I long to see the memories of this tragedy suffocated. Her hate, is presently just and sacred. Let us inspire it to not be endless, and allow for cracks to form in a wall once diamond." - Numerius Villius Cursor
  • "She was under my instruction for a time, quite the pupil, her ability to not only read a situation but then act is sadly a rarity in these modern nights." - Elder David
  • "Cum e mama e și fata. Whether this proves beneficial or our undoing, only time will tell. What I do know for certain is that this will drive David to raise his voice...eventually." Irma Kardos
  • "Potassium has 19 electrons and wants nothing more, chemically speaking, than to become stable. But to do that it has to shed that electron. Not incidentally it explodes in contact with water and when bottled for too long reacts with its own oxides and explodes then too." - Lavinia MacDonald
  • "My mien of confidence belies the fact that I do have regrets. I would have rather been a Sire, but to be a teacher is better than nothing at all." - Carden d'Vergobret

OOC Information

Player: Kathaleen Amende
Player Email: keamende@gmail.com
Storyteller: Clint Hauser
Storyteller Email: masqueradevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org

Location: Atlanta, GA