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No one ever minds me. All I've ever done is lived to a ripe old age.

Rank, File, and Serial Number

Photographer: Corinne Reif

Name: Sofia Filippa Giannopoulos
Deed Name: Γιαγιά (frequently Anglicized as Yiayia)
Age: 75
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Black Fury
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: Adren
Faction: Concordat of Stars
Current Sept: Sept of Reborn Dreams (San Francisco, CA)
Title: Talesinger
Previous Deed Names: Howls in the Shower (cliath), Fattens the Young (fostern)


Γιαγιά was clearly a formidable warrior for Gaia in her day, and her body still bears the hallmarks of someone who trained to fight. However, that body stands a bit hunched, as she walks with a cane that carries her faster than it has any right to (2-point Fetish). Her hair has gone completely silver, nearly white, and her age shows on her face where other shifters look fresh and youthful for centuries. She opts for long dresses in times of peace, but exclusively black and utilitarian for times of war. She never goes to a gathering of more than ten shifters without cookies or some sort of snack in her basket.


Loyal Opposition


Yiayia has definitely done her duty for the Nation, with daughters and grandchildren to show for it.


Galena Giannopoulos (NPC)
Grace Anagnos (NPC)
Gabriella Lassick (NPC)


Reverie "Vaults Death Laughing" Jones
Clytemnestra “Bless Your Heart” Anagnos
Melina Sofia (NPC)
Paul Lassick
Artemis “Say It To My Face” Lassick


James "Sings-in-Chorus" LaCoix
Aleksandra "Shadows of Silver" Laskaris

From the Nation

  • "Quote." - Your Character's Name
  • "I ate her cookies and didn't die. 5/5 stars." - Elijah "Wicked Laughter" Grayson
  • "Family is stronger than the weird twists in the road ahead of us. Yiayia is the bedrock of her house and an anchor for more people than I can even name. I'd be lost without her." - Reverie
  • "It is not enough to understand what a Garou believes; Galliards like Yiayia remind us that it is no less important to understand why we believe. She has earned a place along with my father as Den Mothers to revere. I need her words as much as others need her food." - Haunts-the-Forest
  • "The Black Furies are a noble and admirable Tribe, and 'Yiayia' is worthy of that admiration. She has done great work for the Nation, and I heed her council. For all our pronounced differences, we agree on so many more important things." - Duskcaller
  • "It's thanks to dear Auntie Yiayia's cookie jar I learned to steal. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say. If you're ever looking for someone to blame for my wandering fingers I can give you her number." - 'Spector

Songs, Stories, and Rumors

  • Yiayia has taken on the position of Den Mother in so many places, she forgets where she has been Den Mother.
  • The Ratkin are formulating a bid to make Yiayia High Queen based on the strength of her baking alone.


  • Dorothy Sbornak, ‘’Golden Girls’’
  • Your grandma. Yes, yours. No, really.

OOC Notes

"Yiayia" Sofia Giannopoulos

Tribe: Black Fury
Auspice: Galliard
Domain: CA-051-D Domain of Myst
Player: Renee Ritchie
VST: David Barnhill

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