Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees

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Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees


Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Yitzhak Seed-of-Two-Trees

Nick Name: Grumpy Old Bear

Pack: / Pack / Sea Glass Sea Glass

Sept: Sept of Gathering Tides

Fera: Gurahl

Titles: Warder of the Sept


No one can be sure exactly where Yitzhak came from. His first modern appearance was when the Mokole summoned the Gurahl and Children of Gaia to the quest that would eventually bring the Caern Seeds into the world. He led the Rite of the Furrowed Earth for the new sept in Puerto Rico, and he's been a fixture there ever since. He doesn't talk about his past, and the few things he does say hint to there being a lot of past to talk about.


  • (Things you've heard about me)
  • Is hellbent on starting another War of Rage.
  • Dubbed, Whiny the Pooh.
  • His roar is loud and his goals noble.

Sayings and Commentary

  • "Dress up honor however you like, it will be as majestic in rags as dishonor is ugly in the finery of kings."
  • (Things I say)


  • "The bear has much wisdom behind a gruff exterior. Yitzhak carries yesterday with him, but makes earnest efforts to reach toward tomorrow. I am glad that his strength has been added to that of my Sept." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "If I could accept someone into a pack, I'd start by asking him in, but not before I offered him something with honey in it. He might honour me by considering then." - Annika
  • "Grampa Bear has some grump to him, but he's alright most of the time. I never expected him to change course but he keeps surprising me." - Ex Machina
  • "I wanted to kill him. Our initial encounter, I wanted to throat him and rend him a part. I am not ashamed to admit this, Yitzhak though..He is a Gurahl, I know a bit of them, mostly they are healers. He knows more about medicine then I can likely hope to understand. Yitzhak heals physical wounds better than most, but he heals those wounds we don't see. That...that is reason why I stand beside him now." - Amasis Sabry
  • "The War of Rage has left many wounds on all breeds of fera. None more visible than on the Gurahl who are meant to heal Gaia and her children. In a moment when he needed a nudge away from giving up, a story of the War that Wounded the World pushed him back. A story from the side of another group of Fera, a story of victory and with a moral any can take to heart. Know your enemy better than they know themselves and engage on your terms. If you desire to know that story, Yizthak and Valen are going to spread it like waters from a bursting dam." - Razortooth the Undying
  • "I'm pretty sure he would be first in line to fuck something up if I was messed with. I look forward to working with him." - Brigid O'Mannion
  • "I'd never met a Gurahl in person before. His stature doesn't disappoint. It's also apparent he's deeply troubled by Harano and he's chosen one of the largest Septs in the country to try and work in. This in and of itself is a monumental task. I watched him almost give up on the whole thing. I hope he can understand that it's not this bad at all the other Septs, that there's still cooperation and hope for the future." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "There is a lot I have learned of him, I enjoy seeing him and wonder about how he is doing sometimes." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "I like him. He is stalwart and faithful. He does what he promises. Yes, he has old wounds and grievances. Almost everyone can speak to something. But despite the pains and sufferings, he puts them aside to fight for Gaia. If everyone did that, then the Wyrm could have been defeated long ago." - Anton 'Guards-The-Door' Rourke
  • "Yitzhak is an amazing Fera. Not only is he my packmate, but he is wise and caring as well as fierce and strong. I am proud to be the Guardian to his Warder, and friend and packmate and sister." Unsolvable Riddle
  • “His is a calm and dutiful presence in hard times. I am glad for his leadership around the sept.” Spins Silver
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OOC Information

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Storyteller: Krista

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