Yoshinara Iginori

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=== Information Known by the Garou Nation ===

This character is deceased. He perished in Austin, killed by an Elder Black Spiral Dancer after stealing the Wyrm creature's sword, only to have it reappear in the Spiral's grip just in time to take Yoshinari's head.

Name: Yoshinara Iginori

Deed Name: Listen, Learn, Talk, Teach

Notable Traits: Buddhist Monk, Corax

Pack: None

Sept: Sept of the Bayou's Rage

=== Biography ===
(All information is OOC unless revealed IC)

  • Okinawa, Japan (June 6th, 1896): Born
  • Okinawa, Japan (October 10th, 1910): First Change
  • Okinawa, Japan (1912): Began study at Buddhist temple (Gokoku-ji) to become a monk
  • Okinawa, Japan (1914): Ordained as a Buddhist monk
  • Kansai region, Japan (1936): Left Okinawa; began travelling to seek further enlightenment
  • Chūbu region, Japan (1939): Left Kansai region, travelling North to seek guidance from a Jaggling spirit in the service of Helios
  • Tōhoku region, Japan (1940): Left Chūbu region; began spending nearly all his time in the Umbra to commune with the spirits and attempting to avoid entanglement in the humans' war (WWII)
  • Akita prefecture, Japan (1943): Slowly proceeding further North, he formed a pact with the Helios-aligned Jaggling, which he calls "Taiyō to sora" (The Sun and the Sky)
  • Akita prefecture, Japan (1956): Formally joins the Beast Courts, giving up his nomadic lifestyle
  • Okinawa, Japan (1961): Ascends to Rank 2 (Iron) during a visit to Okinawa, and is invited to remain there
  • Okinawa, Japan (1963-1965): During the American Occupation of Okinawa, he has several negative interactions with American Marines stationed on the island, souring him on American Military personnel entirely
  • Okinawa, Japan (1968): The other members of his Sentai (pack) are killed in a surprise attack by minions of the Wyrm, and he follows the last order of the Fist (Ahroun) to retreat, fly away, and tell the tale
  • Okinawa, Japan (1968): He plunges headlong into Harano, retreating to the Umbra after relaying the tale of the loss of his Sentai
  • Okinawa, Japan (1998): Exits the Umbra for more than a few months for the first time in 30 years
  • Okinawa, Japan (1998): Formally rejoins the Beast Courts; they had presumed him lost or dead
  • Oahu, Hawaii, USA (2011): Accepts an invitation from another Beast Court-aligned Corax to visit him in Hawaii
  • California, USA (2012-2014): Lands on the mainland after deciding to remain in America and see what it has to offer; spends two years being exceedingly nomadic, never remaining in any one place for too long
  • Houston, TX, USA (2014): Decides to settle in Texas to support and mentor two American Corax he has met there (Home VSS)

=== Rumors ===

  • His fighting style is very deceptive; trained observers see hints of potential flaws in his technique, but this only serves to distract and confuse them.
  • He is an exceptional martial artist and highly skilled in the use of various traditional melee weapons
  • He is far older than he claims to be.
  • He no longer carries his father's sword. He won't say why.
  • Yoshinara-san always knows where the cool parties are, and when the cops are coming to break them up.

=== Acquaintances ===

Denali Deep-Song
Maybe You?
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=== OOC Information ===

Player: Sam Bashline

Storyteller: Werewolf VST

Location: Houston, TX