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That Which Is Known

Name: Youalahuan

Titles: Cardinal of the West

  • Formerly, Archbishop of the Diocese of Orange County


  • Accepted Initiated as True Sabbat
  • Abiding Authority as Cardinal of the West
  • Abiding Sacrosanct as Cardinal of the West
  • Abiding Glorious as Cardinal of the West
  • Fleeting Loyal as seen by his Ductus Spirit

Notable Traits: Tattooed head, wears a lot of gold, has gold teeth. Speaks with an unfamiliar accent.

Clan: Followers of Set, Tlacique

Pack: Tlamacazqui

That Which Has Been

Once worshiped as a god, Youlahuan was brought sacrifices by the mortal priests of his home in Azteca. There, he and the other Tlacique ruled openly among the kine; that is until Cortez arrived. Youlahuan helped the Lasombra fight against the invading Camarilla and their Spanish allies, and his clan taught the Tzimisce their faith and rituals. In time, though, the wily Lasombra betrayed the Tlacique, nearly wiping them out. Youalahuan escaped into the jungles and deserts to rally the kine to fight back against the European conquest, but disease and bribes eventually turned the war against him. As the natives gave in to Christianity, Youalahuan fled further into the wilds. He would return to Mexico City while the Camarilla briefly controlled it, only to hide again. Survival had become his number one priority.

With the Red Star in the sky followed by the Nights of Turmoil, Youalahuan began to search desperately for survivors among his descendants. As Temoch the Jackal ushered in a revival of faith in the Sabbat, and brought Aztec influence to the Faith, Youalahuan joined the Sabbat and urged his remaining descendants to do the same.

He lives now in Santa Ana, CA, with his descendant Alejandra and pack Tlamacazqui.

In 2019, Youalahuan became Cardinal of the West after a monomacy victory against Gabriel d'Anjou. His opponent left the circle alive. The new Cardinal's goal is to remake the West and undo the damage that Bruce de Guy had done before being forced to vacate the position. Most of Youalahuan's former pack stayed with him, leaving their local positions to form the Cardinal's pack.

That Which Is Whispered

  • Youalahuan met Temoch the Jackal while in Mexico City and provided insight into forgotten Aztec rituals.
  • Youalahuan is too new to the Sabbat to be trusted. His loyalties and faith will never be full of the fervor as other Sabbat.
  • The Meso-American god known as the Night Drinker was Youalahuan.
  • Youalahuan was present in Tenochtitlan when Shaitan was awake.
  • Youalahuan is secretly building a cult of mortals to worship him again in modern nights.

OOC Information: this character is an NPC under control of the NST's office
Originally played by Chris DiAngelo
NPC Point of Contact: [AANST Sabbat] Location: California, USA