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Character Details

Name: Countess Yrsa Kostrova

Gender: Female

Apparent Age: 30

Clan: Ventrue

Sect: Sabbat

Faction: Ultra Conservatives

City: Martinique


Countess Kostrova is a woman who knows what it is like to be amongst the power hungry. Anyone not within her pack or of Clan Ventrue is in her opinion not worthy of her time or energy. "People must prove their worth and resourcefulness in the world." Some would say she can come across as entitled and even aloof though if someone proves themselves to be useful she will give them her time, though be it not a lot. Still maintaining her old world manners and etiquette she can seem a little strange within the modern world but in her opinion, it is only because people have forgotten and that they need to be reminded on how to behave. However, do not think this will stop her from ruthlessly removing those that upset her. Countess Kostrova makes sure that her pack is well looked after. None of them go without when she is around. She wants to set an example to others and that they should strive to this level of dedication and loyalty.

Time Line

♦1688 - Born to Earl and Countess Kostrova

♦1718 - Embraced


♦1720 - Travels to the USA

♦1890 - Joins Sabbat after being rescued by the Pack

♦1909 - Enters torpor

♦2018 - Awakens.

Associates / Rivals

Lord Zidane Drachenhertz - Rival, thorn in her side.

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♦ Her sharp mind and sharp tongue make up for what she lacks elsewhere.

♦ She turned her back on her house. Now they don't dare speak her name above a whisper.

♦ Discarding people like pawns to a saddistic game only she understands.

♦ It's all an act, she secretly spends her days sleeping curled up with a giant pink teddy someone special once gave her.

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♦ "A blade may slice flesh but words chéri pierce the very soul." - Countess Kostrova

♦ "Sometimes the cruelest torture comes from the softest touch." - Countess Kostrova

♦ "Ah, my dearest Countess. One of these days she will learn to wield a blade as well as she wields that tongue of hers. Further training still and she may become close to a match for me." - Lord Zidane

♦ "Another prissy old Ventrue who doesn't know how to have a good time... well, at least she has good ideas? Hopefully she'll chill out after hanging with us young folk for a bit." - Dorian Alvarez

♦ "I didn't realize that the ability to have fun fades away with age." - Valerie

♦ "I saw a piece of truly awful line art in a gallery, and at first I thought it was a representation of her swordsmanship. Sadly, it turns out the artist actually had some talent." - Lord Zidane

♦ "I have very much appreciated her advice and help. In the areas of my life where I chose to take it. In some things, I must follow my own heart." - Chantico

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Yrsa "Countess" (Playlist)

♦ In This Moment - "Roots"

♦ Amaranthe - "Countdown"

♦ Within Temptation - "The Reckoning"

♦ In This Moment - "Black Wedding feat. Rob Halford"

♦ Halestorm - "I'm Not An Angel"

♦ Halestorm - "I Miss The Misery"

OOC Information

Player: Kate W US2017060093

Player Email: Email Me

Virtual MES Email: Sabbat Staff Email

Location: MES Virtual

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