Ysrael Adderstone

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Character Information
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Independent
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Thaddeus G
Storyteller: Masq VST

Character Information

Name: Ysrael Adderstone


Clan: Follower of Set

Cult: The Stone Path

Lineage: Póg an Nathair

Sect: Independent Alliance

Domain: GA-010-D



Lineage: Póg an Nathair


  • Gileshal


  • Siofra - Retired
    • Child Marko
      • Grand-childe: Nitya_Nataraja
        • Great Grand-Childe: Menelik[NPC]
          • Great great grand-childe: Lillian Chandler

Childer of my own:

Known History


Located within the Stone Path commune

• 1020: Born screaming in Scotland

• 1040: Embraced

• 1040-1100: Stayed in the Yorkshire Sanctuary

• 1100-1300: Released into the world, vagabonding mostly

• 1590: Narrowly avoided the North Berwick Witch Trials

• 1700-1900: Traveled the occultist societies of England and discovering the power of having one's own cult.

• 1920: Founded "The Stone Path"

• 1923: Came to America

• 1934: traveled to California during the Devil's Gate experiments

• 1974: started his own commune

• 2018: settled in Atlanta to establish a new stronghold


  • Name. Clan. Relation. Title if available


  • He’s older than he lets on
  • Totally not responsible for the Harpy just happening to get Torpored during a fight RIGHT after she insulted him. Totally not.
  • He's not REALLY part of the Pog an Nathair lineage, they're just SAYING that to maintain the illusion they're not functionally extinct
  • Absolutely ousted Magdalena Giovanni from her position as Doyen so he could get a less powerful Giovanni in her seat and thus be the "dominant" Doyen at the Atlanta table
  • Listen, have you noticed there's a couple more Anarch Setites around since he showed up? Surely they couldn't be spies for the IA...


OOC Info

Player: Thaddeus G

MES Number: US2015020029

Location: Atlanta, GA