Yves-Valère Seurat

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Clan: Ventrue
Social Class: Ancilla
Sect: The Anarch Movement
Notable Traits:

  • Paragon
  • Aura of Commmand
  • Dignitas - Commendable (Ventrue Only)

Physical Description:
A man in his middle years, of average height and fit but going soft around the middle with a receding hairline only thinly concealed by keeping his hair shorn nearly to the scalp. Dark blue eyes stand out because of the paleness of his skin and complement the neatly trimmed, salt and pepper Van Dyke beard. His clothing is well-made but functional, tending toward button downs and a leather vest with denim jeans and motorcycle boots.

Individuals of long acquaintance will note that he's always got a rosary in his pocket, and is always seen with a pair of rings; one with a shield bearing a coat of arms and the other engraved with thorns and the words "No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. - Isa. 54:17".

Social Style:
Congenial, reserved, and attentive; Yves is habitually aware of his surroundings and notices small details about others, but strives to keep this from being overbearing or overt. He rarely speaks loudly, and doesn't introduce himself by his full name in virtually any common setting. If anyone inquires, he's known to shrug it off as politeness on his part, then offer to tell them the whole.

When engaged in his common services (bodyguard and extraction), his demeanor remains pleasant but his attentiveness becomes overt vigilance and he's less likely to chatter.


The history surrounding Yves-Valère is somewhat muddied before the year 1700; he claims to have served under the French Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin, but did not become a known quantity until some 40 years after their deaths. Regardless, in 1700 he surfaced in the Ottoman Empire as the newest childe of Svetlana Czernin, remaining by her side as a faithful and dutiful student for 50 years. After his release, he was quickly recognized as an up and coming scion of the Ventrue clan, demonstrably competent in addition to his unwavering loyalty. Over the years many other, younger Ventrue have sought him out, inspired by the example he set and seeking to refine the secret to his success for themselves.

In 2016, when House Ribe left the Camarilla, Yves was one who went without hesitation to seek the new challenges laid out by the head of his line, dedicating himself to the cause of the Anarch Movement with the same fervor and devotion that he previously reserved for the Camarilla. Tonight he is a Squire to his Broodmate, Pieter Solodovnikov, seeking to further serve the interests of his clan as a Knight of the Blood.

House Nova

Once the House of Ribe, a staunch pillar of the Camarilla since the late 15th century, the Lineage of Ansgär Svendsen has maintained impressive strength in shipping, banking, and other enterprises that kept them rich and powerful for centuries.

Over the years of the 20th century, changes and edicts came down to the members of Ribe, redirecting their course with the care and deftness of any experienced captain at sea. Near the beginning of the 21st...the course corrections became clear, as the House of Ribe left the Camarilla to join the Anarch Movement in 2016, forming a new House named "Nova", as a nod to new opportunities, ventures, and alliances.

Ancestry & Immediate Family:


  • "Oh there is more to my name, but many in this country do not understand me when I speak it for them...so much time spent speaking English, I would guess. No, I divert from the embarrassment either of us may feel by simplifying to merely 'Yves'. - Yves-Valère Seurat
  • "I've never seen someone so quick to throw himself at my claws for someone. He must really like that bloody bitch. - Jeiwel, Priest of Sister Dreams, Unblinded Brotherhood of Richardson, Texas
  • "Don't let his bullshit fool you. His sword is swift. His wit is swifter. All that french stuff is just to throw you off. The man is harder than diamond." - Maksim Volk
  • "When I looked into his eyes I saw the rise and fall of civilizations. I saw countless souls born and die and utterly forgotten. I saw one who has made their impression upon the world. And throughout all that change and blood and suffering, I doubt he ever broke. Bent, perhaps...but never broke. I admire Squire Seurat, and yes... That is a unicorn. :P" Luciana Santora DuVal
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  • Rumor has it that he was a ridiculously successful hunter of Kindred, in life.
    • After all...he's always in possession of fire-hardened stakes and a rosary.
  • Said to have been part of many historical events fighting for the rights of people in the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • Fell in battle while defending Prince Luciana Santora from Unblinded Brotherhood in Richardson, Texas.
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Domain: Manhattan, KS
Player: Kenny Cole
VST: Philip Major