Yvette Hightower

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Aller Anfang ist schwer.

Sheriff: Enforcer, Privileged

Courageous, by Prince Selene D'Etienne of Kelowna
Loyal, by Tremere Primogen Övé Háskell of Kelowna

"We've already lost, but, you know, we don't have to be so boring about it."
~Yvette Hightower

Name: Yvette Hightower
Notable Traits:The picture of subdued refinement.

Public History
Date of Birth:13/10/1982
Nationality:She's been known to speak basic German.

Growing up on RCAF bases, Yvette will tell you of her respect and fondness for the Old World. Her short history is mostly a haze of underground clubbing in Munich, ending with her arrival in Kelowna in 2008 with nothing but a suitcase and a quiet word to the Prince. Seneschal Roderick of the Ventrue was instrumental in having her elected as Toreador's Primogen, though the distinct lack of experience was apparent, and he was quick to highlight his excitement in having a direct hand in Kelowna's cultural development. After a year, Yvette was trusted with her vote to replace Selene D'Etienne with Roderick, and tasked with solidifying the support of those Primogen still on the fence. Ousting the coup to the Prince solidified her loyalty to the Ivory Tower, and was rewarded with keeping her seat. She proved to be a shrewd representation of the Roses for another 9 years, and prized diplomacy in the Court over her not-so-hidden talents in MMA and cage fighting. As of 2018, her time as a Deputy was rewarded with a full seizure of office by negotiating peace with the Nosferatu, and later staking the Kindred who remained a thorn in D'Etienne's efforts to expand her Praxis. If you ask about her art she'll mumble something along the lines of Transavanguardia and a brutal installation pieces with participating street fighters. She even paints sometimes.

OOC Information
Player: Chelsie Bond
VST: Gus Manning
Domain: CND 010 Dark Vineyard
Email /Chelsie for details regarding history, and for contacts or background ties.

Rumours About Ms. Hightower:

  • "I heard she was actually a 5th gen elder slumming it!"
    ~ Anonymous
  • "I heard she gets all her occult knowledge from actual witches, not the Tremere."
    ~ Anonymous

What We Really Think About Yvette:

  • "She carries herself with the intelligence and poise of someone ten times her age. Watch this one, or it will be your downfall." Mr. Blackett
  • "Miss Hightower? Excellent company, who carries herself with dignity and grace. That being said, I caution you to never test her patience, her canvas is a cage, her paint is the blood of her opponent." Kira Mantle
  • "Oh, my dear, sweet, cunning Yvette! I am so proud to count her among my lineage. Inanna flows through her in all the ways one would hope." Rhiannon Byrd
  • "Not the worst neonate I've ever seen." Varangian
  • "You like ever meet like a kindred and go, like she's like destined to like be like your BFF? Gal like knows that like life is lay way too like short to not like laugh when you can." Karma
  • "She's a thug, but a very stylish one. Wouldn't have it any other way." Ethan Allistar
  • "Hrmph. I've heard the name. I'm waiting to be impressed." Thaddeus Moreau
  • "Yvette deserved so much better than to die in some fucking parking lot in the desert. She was everything a neonate from the Sabbat could have become. She had risen. Risen beyond her Embrace, risen beyond her tiny town in the Interior, risen so far beyond so many neonates ever could -- god. I am getting so tired of saying goodbye. I am proud to have called her my friend." - Jimmy Kincaid