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Commonly Known Information

Name: Z. X. "Lightning" Murphy

Notable Traits: Psychiatrist, Physician, Starship Pilot/Drop Ship Pilot

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Mastigos

Union: Explorer

Chartered Company: Lightning Medical, Adventure & Transport Co.


Dr. Murphy is tall, athletic, with black hair and dark brown eyes. He looks like he might be close to 40, with short hair, a mustache but no beard. He's often seen in a pilot's suit on informal occasions and is almost never seen without his signature medical kit. Height: 190cm (6'3") Weight: 100 kg (220 lbs)


  • Born: 4033 (Resurgence, Atlantis System)
  • Started Academy: 4051
  • Graduated Academy: 4055 (Atlantis System)
  • Served in some of the last battles of the Silent War, 4055-4057, mostly as a drop-ship pilot, though he was at the helm of a Capital ship in at least one engagement.
  • Promoted to Lieutenant J.G. 4056
  • Promoted to Lieutenant 4057 (3 weeks before the Invasion of Dumah began)
  • Veteran of the Invasion of Dumah
  • Decorated with the Order of the Lightning Star (Minor Hero)
  • Left the Service: 4065 (at the rank of Lieutenant)
  • Fully certified as Physician/psychiatrist: 4069
  • Public Records after December 4069 are VERY spotty until 4077
  • 4077 - Public records show arrival at Wayfinder station, Tanaris system
  • Current registration on Wayfinder shows him as a practicing Psychiatrist and Trauma surgeon.


  • Is that the pilot who blew up two enemy Capital ships in the war by flying between them and causing a reactor flare?
  • Was a drop ship pilot. Got his nickname doing close-air support and very quick insertion/extraction of ground forces.
  • Was trusted to be the psychiatrist of some really high muckity mucks in the core before he became a mage.
  • Has ties to Explorer Union higher-ups.
  • Has been to Atlantis
  • Doesn't have to pay for his drinks at Club Nebula. They're permanently on the house for some reason. Sometimes pays for them anyways, or gives the price as a tip to the wait staff.
  • His real name is lost to the ages. And he will never say it.


  • "Doctor Murphy is a veteran. I am supposed to pity veterans of war. Dr. Murphy offered work, work that my brother and I are able to perform. My brother seems to approve of him. Perhaps I will heed his opinion and pity him." - Tristan Kathros
  • "Doc Lighting understand much thing.. Other not see. Iskra like very much." - Iskra
  • "I wouldn't trust most of the doctors on this station to bandage a shaving cut. Lightning is the exception." - Evander Katharos
  • "Why don't more people think like this guy? The station would be a lot better off." - Axion Attonborough
  • "Probably my best friend who at least is able to keep up." -Alek Hawthorne
  • "Nobody else has pushed me like Murphy, has forced me to grow up like him. But he always knows when to stop pushing." Loril
  • "When I needed a pickup I knew there was one pilot who would fly through laser fire to get me out. I would take a bullet for this brother in arms." - Magnus Duskthorne

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OOC Information

Player: Guy Seggev

Player Email: istarisilver at gmail dot com

Storyteller: MES Virtual VST space (Kelsey Green as of 01/21/2018 edit)

Storyteller Email: mes-virtual-space-staff@googlegroups.com

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