Zadkiel ben Aron

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Zadkiel ben Aron

  • Alternative Names:
  • Embrace date: 1749
  • Generation: 8th
  • Clan: Lasombra
  • Sire: Aron ben Aretz
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat
  • Current Location: Caribbean (OOC:Virtual)
  • ST Point of Contact: MID ST and AANST Sabbat


General Information

  • Templar to Legba, Cardinal of Brazil and the Caribbean
  • Pack: El Cristo Negro
  • Path: Lightless Night
  • Faction: Ultra Conservative

Titles and Accolades

  • Templar to the Cardinal of Brazil and the Caribbean

Known Childer

Past Locations

  • Mexico City

Privileged Information

  • Lasombra Lore: He is an leading scholar on abyss mysticism an a patron of the Path of Night
  • Sabbat Lore: After leaving Mexico City announced he was an Ultraconservative after years of seeming nuetrality. Shortly afterward became templar to Cardinal Legba
  • Samedi Lore: He is a friend
  • Sabbat Lore: Rabbinical Scholar and lawyer as a mortal. Also a close ally of Charles Delmare
  • Recently (September 2017) announced he joined El Cristo Negro the Cardinals pack.


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