Zanobi Nicoli Giovanni di Jovian

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"I love your rough edges and soft parts that bleed. The ruins of your soul are poetry to me." - Anita Krizzan

Concept/Role: Master Strategist/Manipulator, Lore Master, Expert Necromancer, Seeker of Artifacts or Relics lost through time (specifically Necromantic based and/or relating to the Giovanni clan), Researcher/Explorer of the Shadowlands.


Not much is known of Zanobi's early life by many these nights before being granted the Proxy Kiss. "Knowledge is Power" a quote that echoes through his psych as he absorbs any and all information either shared or taught to him through his various tutors. He buries himself within the Family's libraries for long periods of time expanding his mind. After Clan Elders thought him ready, he is embraced to be utilized as a weapon, or tool, a year into the Cappadocian Purge by the Giovanni. He fills this role well methodically helping in the clans thought extermination. For centuries he is considered a useful tool utilized both by Clan and Family expanding their influence and power anywhere he goes. In 1793 he arrives in the city of New Orleans with others of the Giovanni Clan to establish control over the port City. After years of fighting for dominance over the city with other interested parties, he utilizes influential help of old alliances established and favors owed by those in his debt, Zanobi seizes control over the entirety of the city. This becomes one of his greatest achievements, as his name begins to be recognized throughout vampire society. His strategic mind set and ruthlessness helps him maintain control of the city for centuries from attempts of its seizure. This lasts until 2011 when the city is one of the first to be established as an official Independent Alliance Sect controlled domain, becoming the Giovanni Doyen alongside one of his oldest allies, Setite Elder Serapion, the Painted Serpent. In recent nights Zanobi has become more reclusive from vampiric society focusing on clan business and personal future ambitions...


1340 - Mortal birth
1445 - Embraced to assist in Cappadocian Purge
1793 - Arrives at the port city of New Orleans

Historical Events Witnessed

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Kindred Allies


  • "Zanobi is my partner in the Alliance and in New Orleans. Since the beginning he has been at my side. When my hand reached out, he took it. He is to be feared as much as I am to be desired. For I am the KISS and he is DEATH." - Serapion, the Painted Serpent
  • "There are many things that go bump in the night in New Orleans. He is one of those things." - Sofia Giovanni
  • "Zanobi helped to write our family's name in eternity with the blood on his hands." - Aureliano Stefano Giovanni
  • "Quote Here" - PC

Zanobi Giovanni

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Position: Doyen/Don
Domain: New Orleans, LA
Player: Joe Schill - US2013120065