Zebulon Kessler

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Zebulon Kessler


Zebulon Kessler

Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Ancilla
Player: Tyler Butler
Domain: Boston, MA
VST: Jason B.


Description and Notable Traits

  • Always keeps his hands covered from knuckles to wrist.
  • Speaks occasionally with a faint German accent.

Status Traits


  • Confirmed, as an Ancilla of the Camarilla.


  • Favored, by Elder Prince Alfaris Alqadim.
  • Courteous, by Luminary Elder Tsisia Orbeli for "exceptional adherence to the word and spirit of a debt of prestation."
  • Loyal, by Prince Reginald Jackson for his efforts against the hunter organization called Project Red.


History: Timeline

  • 1933: Embraced in Austria.
  • 1934: Flees Europe and his sire during the Austrian Civil War. He ends up in Boston, Massachusetts, following visions that lead him to the head of his line, Elder Mary Courtenay.
  • 1974: One of the Boston Malkavians responsible for the forced racial integration -- "busing" -- as part of a scheme to eject the Setites from the city.
  • 1999: Delivers a prophecy to the Nosferatu of Boston, instructing them of the necessity of seizing control of the "Big Dig" so as to create a deeper, stronger sanctuary.
  • 2003: Disappears, along with the majority of the Boston Malkavian during the Nights of Turmoil.
  • 2013: Reappears in Boston during the reestablishment of the Boston Praxis as the representative of Malkavian, confirming Elder Assamite Alfaris Alqadim as Prince. Loudly decries the immediate announcement rescinding the historic Courtesy against the appointment of a Scourge.
  • 2017: Steps down as Primogen to serve as Harpy of Boston.
  • 2018: Removed as Harpy of Boston.


Year One

  • Zebulon, Festival
  • No Anthems, Sleater-Kinney
  • Stigmata Martyr, Bauhaus
  • Resist Psychic Death, Bikini Kill
  • You Must Be Certain About the Devil, Diamanda Galás
  • Thirty Whacks, The Dresden Dolls
  • Secret Message, Rasputina
  • Salt & Pepper, Kaisers Ochestra
  • Outshine the Sun, Popdropper
  • Meds, Placebo

Year Two

  • Sleeper, 10 Years
  • For Ex-Lovers Only, Black Tambourine
  • Noises, Pale Waves
  • Condemnation, Depeche Mode



  • He's much older than he claims to be.
  • He once arranged an Elder's death "for breaking a promise."
  • His translations are the result of contacting the spirit of the text's original writer.
  • He's capable of prophesy, and is somehow related to the Oracle at Delphi.
  • He arranged an anonymous submission of a discussion topic at a regional Conclave.
  • He's considered one of the rising stars of his Generation.
  • He was removed as Harpy due to "boon conflicts" during a Praxis seizure.

Allies, Associates, and Enemies


About Zebulon

  • "I don't always understand him, but I respect him deeply. And I care - he is someone worth caring for." - Dr. David Archer
  • "Not every kindred is fit to serve the Tower as a Harpy. It's always a pleasure to discover that the position holder is level-headed, well-informed and insightful. With such counterparts, little problems become far more manageable." - Olivia Collins
  • “Without fail, when I show up at a Camarilla affair in Boston, I seek him out first. I do so enjoy his perspectives.” - Ambrose Goddard
  • "Of all of the children of Malkav from Boston that I met, he was the least interesting. Which makes me wonder what it is he is hiding, why he is hiding it, and how he hides it so well. I will find out, mark my words!" - Susurrus

By Zebulon

  • "The George to my Martha. Why would I waste my time pissing off someone I didn't respect?" -- about Heinrich Rurik
  • "My brother, found in the silence and darkness beneath the edge of destruction." -- about Reginald Jackson
  • "A dear friend and ally, and a fellow academic. I pray often our existence doesn't bite his young heart in half." -- about David Archer
  • "A bastion of sanity in the insane world we find ourselves in, and the one kindred I model myself after more than any other." -- about Olivia Collins
  • "My mentor once told me there can be no true creation without destruction, no true light without darkness. I don't think I fully understood until I met my brother in the underground." -- about Ezekiel Weld
  • "Sometimes it's easier to forget. Sometimes it's better not to know. Who will you be, when you realize who you are? Will wisdom eclipse kindness... ?" -- about Sophie