Zelda Rosenfeld

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Zelda Rosenfeld

Commonly Known Information

Sect: The Anarch Movement

Clan: Lasombra

Personality and Style: There are four things Zelda loves: fashion, video games, Japanese culture, and the occult. She'll both be happy to answer any questions people might come to her with and take the opportunity to learn more about them. Both her upbringing and Embrace (which involved a betrayal by someone she trusted) have made it so that it's difficult for her to open up to others though. Though when she's comfortable around someone, she'll happily spend hours talking about her interests.

In addition, Zelda has a strong dislike, bordering on hatred for authority figures, especially ones that claim to do so for others' supposed benefit. While she has no issues following Sanctuary's rules and listening to the higher-ups there, it's primarily because a)she considers said rules to be basic common sense, and b) she knows that the other Kindred of Sanctuary won't look down on her or treat her condescendingly just because of her (vampire) age. She cannot stand the Sabbat's fanaticism, nor can she stand the Camarilla and their stringent, oppressive rules designed to keep Elders on top, leaving Neonates like her at their non-existent mercy.

When it comes to her personal style, Zelda prefers dark colors, scarves and big earrings as well as keeping her hair long. She'll also offer critiques on fashion choices to anyone who asks, though she will be quite blunt in doing so, especially if it's something she doesn't particularly care for.


Zelda was born on October 19, 1993 in Cincinnati to a wealthy couple, however sometime in the following year her mother died under mysterious circumstances, leaving her father to call upon a friend of his, a woman named Isabella de Fiore, to help him raise her. As Zelda grew up, she constantly found herself in opposition to her father who wanted her to pursue a career in business like he had but she had different ideas. Specifically, she had dreams of starting her own fashion line. However, Isabella continued to support Zelda and encouraged her to pursue her dream, promising her that she would help however she could. After graduating from high school, Zelda started attending a design school as the first step in starting her own fashion line. However, the minute her father found out that she wasn't attending the school he wanted her to, he cut her off. Fortunately, Isabella was there to help, including giving her the funds to buy her own place. However, everything would change soon. One night, August 1, 2018 to be exact, Isabella invited Zelda over to her house for dinner which Zelda accepted. Once Zelda was there, Isabella knocked her out with drug-spiked wine and Embraced her while she was unconscious. When Zelda awoke, she found herself in Isabella's bedroom with the woman herself standing over her. Isabella revealed that she was a member of the Sabbat, that she was responsible for a good deal of the struggles Zelda had to go through and that she Embraced Zelda with the intention of having her join the Sabbat as well. Zelda was so enraged at this betrayal of her trust that she unknowingly unleashed her new found powers on Isabella, distracting her long enough that she was able to run away. Eventually, Zelda stumbled upon the Anarchs of Sanctuary who welcomed her with open arms. Zelda agreed to stay, hoping that by joining them and learning about the Kindred from them, she could finally find her place in the world.


  • Her father is her sire's ghoul.
  • Rumor
  • Rumor

Known Associates


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OOC Information

Player: Heather Vogler

Player Email: snowieshlv@twc.com

Storyteller: Steven Kelly

Storyteller’s Email: oh017d.camanarch.vst@gmail.com

Location: Cincinnati, OH

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