Zellebrium Prox

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Commonly Known Information

Character Information
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Union: Explorer
Charter: TBD
Honorary Spirit Rank: •••
Cunning: ••
Wisdom ••••
Location: Wayfinder Stat.
Pack: Vengeance of Luna
Player: M. Ortego
Storyteller: K. Greene

Name: Zellebrium Prox

Nicknames: Zelly, Zell

Type: Uratha

Auspice: Ithaeur

Tribe: Bone Shadow

Union: Explorer Union


Hishu (mortal) Appearance: Zellebrium is thin. He has only a negligible amount of body fat and a just a bit more muscle mass. The only reason one can see his muscles is because of his low body fat content. He has a tanned skin tone, dark brown hair, the color of dark chocolate, and it covers his body. It's not a freakish amount of body hair, but it's way more than average. The hair on his head is kept short and exists in a faux hawk. He has a mustache and beard that he keeps neatly trimmed, with clean shaven cheeks and jawline. His eyes match the color of his hair, a deep, dark brown. He's about 6 feet tall. He tends towards tight but flexible clothing options, things that can show off his form without limiting his movement. He also avoids sleeves, preferring tank tops. He can usually be found wearing running shoes.

Renown Information

Please note: this information is intended for those who can see and read renown brands.


  1. Redirected an investigator of supernatural activity away from his pack.
  2. Used gift of technology to track and prevent the suicide of a target.


  1. He was abducted just before his first change. After his first change, he killed his kidnapper.


  1. Honored a pact made with a spirit over the wishes of his pack.


  1. Prevented Azlu from starting a nest at one of his pack's locus.


  1. Recognized when he was in over his head and needed to call for help after being kidnapped, and also knowing who to contact.
  2. Used a spirit's ban to force prevent it from entering local schools
  3. Learned the fetish rite and made his first fetish
  4. Changed a strong neglect locus in an old person's home to a compassion locus


  • SY4080 - Born
  • SY4107 - First Change
  • SY4117 - Traveled to Wayfinder Station


  • "He smiles too much about nothing. Still, useful." - Evander Katharos
  • "Another wolf has arrived on Wayfinder. Perhaps Mr. Prox can teach my brother about spirits once he's forgiven my brother for insulting him." - Tristan Katharos
  • "It is good to have one with a deep connection to spirits. Unless those spirits are carnivorous plants." - Axion
  • "Curious. Too curious. Going to get in trouble. And pack, so have to help get him out of it." - Elyl
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  • He is currently dating a Maternity Spirit..
  • Zell isn't really a werewolf, but the totem spirit for the pack.
  • Always seems to be dividing his attention.
  • Has a pet lune.
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OOC Information


Player: Michael Ortego

Player Email: geneticmanipulator@gmail.com

Storyteller: Kelsey Greene

Storyteller Email: vst.space@virtual.mindseyesociety.org

Location: Seattle, WA