Zeth Hope Agmundr

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"How did it feel when you killed them, did it change you?"

Name: Zeth "Hope" Agmundr

Notable Traits: A gender-fluid male in their early 40's, rune sack and beads on their rope belt. Mostly seen in a skirt.

Society: Anarch

Clan: Brujah


Hope, is an old Norse Seidman, their outward gender expression is flexible. Hailing from the Icelandic Commonwealth and Northern Europe. Their years of pursuing a heathen shamanistic path have led them to be detached from the world, lost in the fog of the psychotropic blood and sex ritual they need to maintain any connection to the spiritual world. They make no attempt to hide their inhuman pursuit of pleasure and morals from kindred and kine. They take an obsessive interest in the experiences in moments of kindred.

Up until the week of nightmares, they kept a low profile, largely withdrawn from the Jyhad. At great prestation debt, he rallied a mass of tower and Anarch kindred to the Olympic battle of 2002, the final push the Sabbat out of Salt Lake City trading their support for a small independent Domain in the center of their territory. He is known to be a strong supporter of the tradition of hospitality hosting any non-anarch visitor to Salt Lake.




  • He walked out of the Convention of Thorns


  • "I am forever saddened that they walked away from their humanity. Was it some fault of mine, the plans of the Gods, or the corruption of the snakes? Who's to really say. Yet they are my childe and I will support them all the same." Egil Agmundr

Known Timeline

Embraced in the 10th century

1492 - Convention of Thorns

~1900 - Wakes in USA

1984 - Arrives in Utah

2002 - Establishes a small personal domain in the Anarch territory of Salt Lake City

2019 - Hope returns to humanity and joins the Anarch Movement

OOC Information

Player: Ki Finnsson (aka Christian Gurholt)

Player Email: hope.agmundr@gmail.com

Storyteller: Mike Eldridge

Storyteller Email: dst@utah-mes.com

Location: Salt Lake City, UT