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Character Details

Name: Lord Zidane Drachenhertz

Aliases: Zidane to most, Zi if you're very lucky.

Notable Traits: Exceptionally attractive, almost beyond the mortal capacity of belief. (Angelic Visage and Appearance Focus) The skin around his eyes is jet black, almost as if made of pure darkness. (Eerie Presence)

Society: Sabbat

Clan: Lasombra

Domain: None - Character retired

Pack: None - Character retired


Gender: Male [He/His/Him]

Apparent Age: 21

Actual Age: 393

Height: 6'1"

Hair: Long, brown, straight

Eyes: Hazel

Build: Athletic

Public Information


Initiated, Sabbat


  • His eyes are surrounded by darkness because a Mage cursed him due to his beauty.
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  • "It seems anything can crawl out of hell these days." Her majesty
  • "The time it would take to tire of him would rival the sun's lifespan... and that is how long I wish to bask in his light. We have havoc to wreak, gorgeous. The night is forever young, and the sea calls." - Valerie
  • "Such lovely markings. You wear them well. Whoever sent that Mage I may need to send a gift of thanks." - Her majesty
  • "The father I never had... and enjoy having now I suppose. It's nice to have the final piece on my board of mentors." - Hannah Phillips
  • "The uppity Lasombra? Which one, you see, they are all so damn anal retentive that it is hard to distinguish them. Oh, that one? He is a special Lasombra, likes to stroke his ego before a painting of himself. His ego is astounding." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "Mmmmmm, he is so handsome and charming and daring and delicious. A good person to know. I'm glad we met." - Chantico
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Friends, allies, and others

  • Valerie - Intellectual dance partner, and beloved one.
  • Yrsa Kostrova - Rival, dueling partner, the exact particulars between these two is impossible to define.
  • Yazmeen - Trusted friend and ally, extremely close.
  • Hannah - Adopted Childe, though treats her as if she was his own.
  • Chantico - Old friend whom he is close with.
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  • Rhapsody - In Tenebris
  • Rhabsody - Knightrider of Doom
  • Aviators - Fading Light
  • Aviators - Requiem for the King
  • Aviators - When Our Bodies Wash Ashore
  • Aviators - Angel of the Dark
  • Aviators - No One Will Save You
  • Aviators - Wake Me When It's Over
  • Sabaton - Carolus Rex
  • Metallica - Enter Sandman
  • Aviators - Remains
  • Metallica - Master of Puppets
  • Trapt - Echo
  • Linkin Park - Final Masquerade

OOC Information

Player: Drakka

Story Teller: None - Character retired

Coordinator: Josie R

Location: OOC Tradewinds, IRC (England).