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Art by Kya Harris
Zim Snek.jpg

Commonly Known Information

Name: Zim

Notable Traits: Looks like a weedy programmer; smells like ozone (Eerie Presence)

Society: Anarch movement

Clan: Followers of Set


  • 1988: Born in Chicago to an electrician and a community college professor
  • 2010: Graduated from UW Madison with a degree in Computer Science; immediately hired at Epic Systems as a software engineer
  • 2011: Falls in with a union organizing crowd and quickly becomes a local standout
  • 2016: Offered the Embrace as a means of striking back against oppressive human systems
  • 2017: Vanishes into the Midwest to evade punishment for a transgression; falls into a blood bond with a Ventrue in exchange for protection
  • 2018: Found by Umbra, who kills his domitor and brings him to Des Moines


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  • Possibly an apostate?
    • Definitely an apostate
  • Only knows how to turn himself into a baby snake
  • Rumor here.

OOC Information

Player: Tobias Gurl, US2015100131

Player Email: nine.carpals@gmail.com

Storyteller: David Fuller

Storyteller Email: dsm.vtm@gmail.com

Location: Des Moines, IA