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Ziva Vicious (born August 18, 1943 in Milan, Italy) is one of the lead singers and guitarists of the post-hardcore band Beast Rising, along with her domitor, Vex Vandal. She plays in the band along with the twin brothers Vic Savage and Johnny Smüv, and the synth artist Surge.


Ziva Vicious was born on August 18th, 1943 in Milan, Italy to a wealthy family, allegedly on the wrong side of World War II, being rumored as profiteers with that weren't "true" to the cause but willing to do whatever they needed in order to make it out the end of the war on top, regardless of who won. By the 1950s, they were one of the richest families in Italy, but the educational system was not what they wanted for their daughter. This is how she ended up attending the Royal Academy of Music in England, where she met Vex Vandal.

Together, they got into a bit of trouble with each other (or what they called "fun"), living up the night life, allegedly delving into the depravity that comes with drugs and drunken debauchery. Together, they had the means to get anything they wanted, but they both still had a knack for music, picking up gigs at nightclubs where they started first making names for themselves. It was during this time, in 1969, that Vex brought her into a whole new night life, having met his Sire Evelyn, and offering her a chance to move into the next life together. That is when she became a ghoul, latched to Vex's side to keep him out of too much trouble.

Since then, she has remained by Vex's side, less out of obligation and more sheer desire. Together, they tended to be much more than they were separated, a true tour de force. Rumors abound that Ziva is the only reason why Vex Vandal still exists in these nights, with his brash behavior and penchant for pissing in the wrong people's cheerios, rumors that Ziva hasn't questioned or put to bed as being untrue. Even Vex will admit that Ziva is the only thing keeping him from truly jumping off the deep end, but won't go any further.




♫ It is long since time for her to come into the fold properly. She proved that by being worthy of a Methuselah's notice. I could not be prouder. - Madeleine Tonnerre
♫ Rumors of her skills have reached even my ears, perhaps one day I will enjoy them myself. - Toben the Bear
♫ Hearing a voice that is so full of life and emotion is such a beautiful surprise. I look forward to calling Ziva sister one day! - Madeline Durand Prince of Tampa
♫ She might be the reason that fire got started. - Dicky Coughlin


♫ Enter your rumors here! - PC Name

Ziva Vicious

Clan: Daughter of Cacophony
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Ghoul
Position: none
Domain: Nashville, TN
Player: Amber R.
VST: Nashville VST