Zoe Dearborn

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Name: Zoe Dearborn

Sect: Sabbat

Type: Lasombra, Former Revenant

Notable Traits: Curly blond hair, a lace dress, and an uncertain smile.


Zoe was just looking for a way to escape a bad boyfriend when she went looking for the father she had never met. She didn't find him, but she did find his family - and the Zantosa were not quite sure what to do with their long-lost family member.

Zoe wants to believe that it's all going to work out for the best.


OOC Information

Player: Rhys B.

Storyteller: Matt B.

Location: Essex County, MA



  • Zoe has a nearly fanatical love of Disney movies.
  • Zoe tried to stab Tristan Morgan on a dare.
  • Zoe melts at the right type of physical contact.
    • There is no wrong type of physical contact.
  • Zoe “belongs” to a collection of Lasombra Elders who are VERY interested in this... thing.
  • Zoe was embraced at the Walpurgisnacht celebration held by Cardinal Polonia in 2019.


  • "Can I ask a question?"
  • "I'm not a hypocrite. I'm a masochist. There is a difference."
  • Zoe: "Can I ask a question?" Joseph: "Sure." Zoe: looking directly at the Camarilla Blood Ambassador whose refusal to ask her a question has gotten Zoe's face slammed into a table seven times "Can someone explain to me why it's so hard to ask a question?"
  • "Looking forward to learning more about this one." -Roach
  • "I see something of myself in Zoe, and yet she is nothing like me at all. I hope she survives. It would be a pity to see someone so... interesting... fail to earn their Creation Rites." -Calix
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