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"My family is my strength and my weakness." Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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General information


Name: Zoya Petrova
Deed Name: Whitefang
Rank: Cliath
Auspice: Daylight (Ahroun)
Type: Fera / Bastet
Tribe: Khan
Breed: Homid
Apparent age: 19

pictured in feline form

Notable Traits

There's some resemblance in her homid form to a minor line of Silver Fangs. She's pretty enough, and the tan on her skin adds to that. Zoya is a very fine, well muscled white tiger in her feline form, and similarly coloured in all her furred forms, and has exceptionally sharp claws.

Lives at chez zoya a fine mansion in a rich area bedecked with Silver Fang glyphs.

Rumours and sayings


  • Said to have been born on the island
  • Swears like a native born Russian
A nice homid pic
  • Typical cat, spends most her time sleeping and about 10% in some manic fit of crazy activity
  • Maybe that Fang blood left a stain on her soul
  • Seems to know her way around the local Child Protective Services.
  • Pretty self reliant, it's said her parents were both killed defending the sept in 2008, and she spent the next 7 or 8 years survivng alone.
  • Owns, and sometimes wears a genuine military issue ushanka of some age.
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Sayings from Zoya

  • "Thank God for youtube letting me stay in some contact with my heritage."
  • "Body language? Tail wags for a wolf means happy... tail wags for a cat means your face is about to take a trip your body isn't going on..."
  • "Coffee for the brain, vodka for the body."

Sayings about Zoya

  • "She looks like she has Silver Fang blood in her veins. Someone's bound to get mighty upset about that." Unknown
  • "When I saw her playing in the sea, I knew I was interested. When I saw her grease-stained and holding a wrench, I knew I was in trouble." - Jen
  • "Biggest tiger I've EVER seen. But the way she interacted with the pup, she's got a gentle heart. Hopefully I'll get the chance to chat to her at length soon." - Wyrmbaiter
  • "She's young, but learning quick. Won't take long before she's challenging for higher station in the Sept of Gathering Tide." - Razortooth, the Undying
  • "Zoya has been a welcome addition bringing joy into my life. Her boundless courage, bravery, and willingness of great sacrifice holds such great honor. May the Vodka flow in her name!"- Valen Cross
  • "...I hope she centers herself enough to find happiness one day. But it feels more likely that she'll end up dead first. I should have seen this coming." - Ex Machina
  • "There is so much potential there. And so much pride and ego. I just hope she can find some balance between the two." - Ora James
  • "I've watched her be both selfless and brave and prideful and stubborn to the point of self sabotage. I can't imagine what it must be like to be raised one way and then realize your life has gone in a direction completely opposite of what you expected. I think she wants to be a part of ... whatever this is. The Sept. I just hope she and the Garou of Puerto Rico can learn to work with one another to be the unified team they want to be." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "A walking liability whose presence divides everyone who know her." - Tenebrous Harmony
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Friends and foes


Former friends

  • Raine_Davis_Black_Fury She was, for a time, a delight to be with. But joy always turns to pain.
  • Wyrmbaiter - A once-good friend who betrayed me, and everything else.


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